Monday, March 17, 2008

Ava & Molly's Birthday Bash!

Ava's 6th Birthday & Molly's 1st Birthday
were celebrated together Sunday evening.

A painting table, a sand table, and .....

the food table!

The craft tables were a hit - the kids all had a blast!

Kate & Kyle having a little dinner date.

Happy 1st Birthday Molly!

Happy 6th Birthday Ava!

Crazy boys - Brody & Braden.

Saturday March 15th

We woke up to a little snow storm Sat. morning.
Yes, it did look pretty and all, but I have to say no more
snow would be just fine with me.
Braden loves to go out to help plow, Kevin lets him
do it all by himself - Braden thinks that's pretty cool!

Kelly Grotte from North Dakota was in the Boston area,

so he got in touch with Kevin and came up to visit on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon the 4 of us headed to Wilton to do

a bit of work on this old place.

We brought along bikes, and scooters for the kids to

ride around on. They had lots of fun making ramps,
and jumps to go over. No real bad wipe outs.

The kids helping Daddy mix up the cement,

and put it in all the cracks of the old rock foundation.

A really messy job!

Washing our hands out in the little stream. Soooo COLD!

Playing outside on the big hill behind the house.

A fun & dirty afternoon, we didn't get home until 9:00.

Luci's 1st Birthday!

Breanna picked out a cake for Luci's birthday.

Check out those fancy purple bows!

Ok, are the pictures done yet I can't wait any longer,

that cake is just way to tempting - YUMMY!

Happy Birthday Luci !!!!!!!!

Wow! That birthday thing is a lot of work - I'm pooped!

Ladies Night Out

12 of us went out for supper Tuesday night at a
restaurant in Concord which was right across the
street from Kelly's place, so she had us all back to her
place for a delicious cake that she made.
Thank you Kelly!
The hostess with her creation.

All but two of us around the table.

Janice & myself enjoyed the comfy seats.

Kelly you have such a cute, cozy place - I love it!!!

Sunday night

Kate & Kaylise rocking away.
Ice cream time!

Not to sure about this thing.

Oh yah this is good. (sorry about the meeting cloths.)

I didn't have a picture of Bella with her icecream cone, so

here she is with her beautiful glasses.

This icecream is so good its making my hair crazy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Friday night: snowboarding & Aiden's Birthday

Breanna with her instructor.

Time to open presents - lots of helpers!

The Timm's
A little bit shy.

hmmm should I have some cake?

Diving in to get the goodies!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Water Park Weekend

On Friday we drove out to NY to a Six Flags indoor
water park -
A really fun thing to do in the cold & snowy winter.

Heading into the lazy river - a favorite.

A few underwater shots.
(Jackson above)

Ethan & Braden



Get ready here goes the big ole bucket.....


Tube rides down the slide-
who won this time?

A race down the slide....

Splash! I'm not sure who won.

James & Brynna warming up.

One of the many times around the lazy river.

Snack time!

The big tube that you rode in down one of the slides - FUN!

Thank you guys for putting together another great
winter weekend at the water park!
We left the park late Sat. afternoon and went back
to Dave & Sandy's for the night.
We all met back up after meeting for lunch
at Dave & Shelly's.

Bath time for Sawyer.

A clean & happy baby!

Sunday lunch at Dave & Shelly's.

Let's EAT!!!!

The kids table....

The Guys table....

The Ladies table &.....

Sawyer's table.

The kids hanging out.

Mr. Happy Baby.

Thank you everybody for a really great weekend!