Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Time Fun!

1st graders parading around the school.

Braden the dirt biker dude,

Paxton the magician, and

Brody the Mummy.

The annual Fall weekend Get-Together!

A few of the kiddos ready for some chow.

Lets Eat!

Sawyer playing hide n seek with the dogs.

Friday night the weather was great, Kev set up

some big lights that lit up the yard, and the

guys had a football game under the lights.

It was so nice out we decided to serve up the

dessert outside buffet style.

No comment needed.

Shelley entertained the ladies with her

hula hooping skills - good laughs!

Saturday Janice decided it was about time

to learn how to ride a bike - she did GREAT!

Lets GO!!!

Out on the buggies for some hide-n-seek .

Saturday seemed to be a bit short because we had

to get ourselves dressed up and over to the barn for

5:30 potluck, hayride, and a great haunted house - thanks

again to the best haunted house crew around!

Kate, Bella, Braden, David, and Sawyer down front.

This was great!

Yo Yo Big Kev & hunter Braden.

Big Kev, and his wife.

Sandy & Mr. Sawyer.

Dr. Dave and B.T.

Lindi the 80's chick with her kiddos.

Hannah, Megan, Josh and Kristy.

Shad - mail order Bride, Tucker, and Miss Concord.


One of the kids asked if she really swallowed
a pumpkin - how cute!

Breanna the witch - you should hear her cackle.

Mr. Cowboy David, Hunter Braden, and
superman himself - Kyle.

Andrea and her itsy bitsy spider Shilo.

Peace!!! Brent & Johanna, and
Claude & Rebecca.

Tourist Sharon and her handsome Husband.

Happy Birthday Mr. Klinetobe!!!!!

Lots & Lots of really GREAT costumes.
As always I wish I would remember to take more
pictures during this fun fall weekend.