Monday, March 16, 2009

A day at the Beach

A day at the beach in March!
We had some great weather this past weekend.
We took a drive to the beach and had a great time.

Braden was very excited!

Hmmm that water looks pretty COLD!

but lets give it a try - crazy!!!

splashing thru the toasty 38 degree ocean.

Lots of soccer games on the Beach!

Action shot - does he get a goal?

Touch down!

Kev propped the camera up on the bag
for a quick family shot.

We saw lots of horses on the beach.

Breanna watching the horses going by wishing
she was riding on the beach - it sure
looked like lots of fun.

Breanna with straight hair!

The kids, and

Dad & Mom.
What a great day!

When we left the beach we drove a bit
further up to where they go surfing.
We stopped to watch them surf, and the kids
went down to climb on the rocks, they just
couldn't get enough of the beach!


Busy Boys!

David came for a sleepover on Friday night, &
Breanna went to Bella's.

These guys played outside all day.
Bike riding, trampoline, swing set, trucks, 4-wheeling, &
they even found a great spot to go sledding that still
had snow on it. Sledding in a t-shirt how fun!

Always making some sort of ramp or

jump to ride over. They are usually

quite creative in the materials they use

to make them, this one is propped up

with 2 cases of water.

Beach Day at School

Last Friday was Beach day at Braden's
school. It was lots of fun to watch the
kids use there imagination for a fun day
at the beach.

Braden's whole class sitting under
the Beach umbrella!!

The boys.

Playing in the sand.

Checking out the shells.

A picnic lunch at the beach - hot dogs!
They all brought beach towels to sit on.

What a really fun day for the kids!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Warm Sunny Day on the Slopes!

Tuesday Breanna had no school (teachers workshop)
We decided it would be a great day to hit the slopes.
It snowed the day before making it even more
appealing, so we took Braden out of school and off
we went. As you can see in the picture below the
weather was amazing! Bright, sunny warm day.

Nate joined us for the first half of the
day, and then he had to leave.
We also met up with Bronson, Garret, & Kasey.

The skiers, and

the snowboarders.

Trying to soak up the sun!
I couldn't believe how much sun everybody
got on there faces by the end of the day.

A really fun day!

This video is pretty blurry, but anyway Kev is

chasing Braden down the hill trying to video.

Garret & Breanna trying to hit this jump.

I don't know what was up with the camera,

but all of the videos came out really bad.

Braden giving the jump a try.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

School Vacation Week

The kids had Feb vacation this past week.
We had a busy fun week!!!
Monday we took the kids to Conway arena
to do some ice skating - fun time.
Tuesday we headed into Boston to the Science
Museum. The kids really enjoyed it.
Wednesday we went to Jump on in, and
as the kids were having a blast jumping and
sliding, Kevin & I decided that when we got
home we would pack up, & head up to North
Conway spend the night & ski on Thursday.
That's what we did. We had a fun time at the
Hotel, the kids thought swimming outside was
pretty neat in the middle of winter!!!
Thursday was an amazing day for skiing
(my kind of ski weather - I actually got hot.)
Beautiful warm sunny day!
The workers joined us on Friday, and stayed
with us for the weekend.
Union Sunday was here, and a potluck - thanks
for all the delicious food.
Sunday night was a fun evening here with some
friends that were visiting from GA.
Monday was supposed to be back to school, but
we had a SNOW day!

Here we are at the Boston Museum of Science!

They have a frog exhibit at the museum right now,
some pretty interesting frogs and facts.

Science in the park was a fun area for the kids.

We watched a 3-D film on sharks that was pretty fun.
We also went to see an Omni film called Amazon.

Lots of fun playing around with all the exhibits.

In the butterfly Garden.
Breanna is looking at the butterfly map trying to
figure out the different names of all of the beautiful
butterflies that we saw. We didn't really like them
flying all around us, as you can see Braden is on watch.
Kevin was laughing at us.

The kids had a fun time running thru obstacle courses,
and going down slides at Jump On In.

Breanna up to bat.

Serious concentration!
A doubles air hockey tournament.

A race down the slides.
We left Jump On In at noon grabbed a quick lunch
on the way home. Packed up our stuff and off we
went. We got to North Conway at about 6:00.

We checked into our room, and walked to
a restaurant for supper.

When we got back to the hotel we went
down to the kids area, and they were having
an ice cream social and a movie night for the kids.

Off to the pool we go. The kids were pretty excited
to try the outdoor pool and hot tub. I couldn't do the
pool, but the hot tub felt pretty good - not so good
getting out tho BRRR!

Here we are in the indoor pool/hot tub.
Pushing Bre into the pool. It felt pretty cold
going from the toasty hot tub.

Thursday was GREAT weather for our day on the slopes!
This is our first time out this year. We had so much fun,
we are hoping to go again soon!!!

That's Braden heading down the hill.
This was pretty much his first real day of skiing.
He did really great and had lots of fun.

Breanna snowboarding down the hill having a blast!

Kevin all smiles cruisin down the hill.

Towards the end of the day the kids wanted to try
to go up the chair lift together in front of Kevin & I.
they thought that was pretty cool.

Kevin is following Bre down the hill taking a video.

And when we were at home the kids had quite

the 4-wheeling track in the front yard Thanks to Dad.