Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cabin # 85

The kids named the cabin: The Frog Catchers Cabin #85

Snack Time in the cabin.

Reading books up in the loft.

The cleaning lady - Miss Jenna

Monday, July 21, 2008

Frog Pond Fun!

I'm a bit behind on blogging and I can hardly
remember all the things we've been doing and
in what order we've done them, but anyway its
been birthday parties, beach days, cookouts, and
all sorts of fun summer days!
The kids!

Once again I'm siting on the edge of the frog pond

in my lawn chair while the kids are having a

complete blast!!!!!!!

Melina's doing a special mud treatment on her arms.

Three frogs in about three minutes - let us out!

Hand stands!

Kevin drove down after work to meet us at the pond

on the kids little bitty dirt bike - pretty funny looking!

The frogs don't have much chance with this team

of catchers - Melina & Breanna go in for the grab.

We got him!

Breanna didn't really like to hold the frogs last
year, but this year she likes it - crazy.

Little Miss Jenna with her net.

The kids climbing up on the diving board.

One, Two, Three.......




Breanna, and


The 4 rugrats.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The frog hunters are back!!!!

Still trying to figure out why the favorite thing to
do is get eatin alive while we hunt for frogs, but anyway
they all sure love it!!!!!!!!!!!
This is actually night 2 of frog hunting - quite a
successful hunt: the frogs were HUGE!

Brad and the girls joined us tonight.

Take a look at these hunters.

Going in for the scoop - WE GOT HIM! (that's the yell from all

the kids after each catch.)

More hunting!

Check out this guy!

Here lets stretch him out and take a look at how long he is.

Hey Melina we'll let you hold him and maybe we'll just touch him.

Actually Ellie did hold one of the smaller ones, and Breanna gave it a

try to, but just as I was about to snap the pictures it jumped

on my lap. Oh ya did I forget to tell you that I Just love these things!


Its been all about matching!
The hair, the shoes, the clothes. We even have
to match our pajamas. Oh what fun!!!
(I remember doing this with my cousins)

Excited Kids!

The kids have been excitedly awaiting this day for
quite a while. Grandpa & Grandma arrived with
Melina & Jenna Sat. afternoon.
They will be with us until July 29th.

Breanna wanted to make these shirts to wear when they
arrived. The shirts said: Welcome back Melina, Jenna, Gramma,
and Grampa. We missed you! love Bre & Braden xoxo.

Luci was pretty excited to see Grandma!

(Breanna made a welcome shirt for luci to wear also.)

Ellie & Ava were also here to greet them.
Out of the car & onto the trampoline.

Tree legged races!

The girls picked some beautiful flowers for the dinner table.