Monday, January 19, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas week!

Darryl, Melissa, the girls and Grampa arrived
Wed. the 24th. Grandma came the week
before (the day we got our power back.)
The kids got out of the van and wanted to head
right outside to play in the snow. We geared them
up and off they went. Melina and Jenna were
really excited to play in the snow.

Mr. Snowman
(he was completely melted the next day)

A long walk thru the woods - we had to
go check out the frog pond. Looks a bit
different in December than in July when
the girls come and stay for 2 weeks.

Found Garrets cabin that he and Corey are
making in the woods - pretty neat!

They played for a long time down by the stream.
making bridges with the snow.

The snow haulers.

working hard.

Melina and Jenna were amazed by all the snow,
it was so fun to watch the 4 kids have an absolute
blast together in the snow for hours - they couldn't
get enough of it!

Christmas morning.

The hunt is on!

Searching high and low for presents!

Relaxing by the fire.

Ice skating on the frog pond.
Everybody did great!

Grandma & Jenna

Grampa & Breanna

A train.

The kids put on an Amelia Bedelia play - very cute!

A fun sledding evening, the snow was sooo fast!


Melina, and

Braden, heading down backwards - Yikes!

The kids getting hauled up the hill by Kevin.

New matching dresses from Auntie Melissa.

New York City here we come!!!!
We decided to do a quick day trip to the city with
Darryl & Melissa. Grampa & Gramma stayed home
with the kids. We had a great time!

On the double decker bus.
Darryl & Melissa

Kevin & Jody

A bit of shopping.

Warming up with a hot chocolate.

Rockefeller Center.

Wow, was it packed!
Darryl, Melissa and the girls left the following
We had a really really great week!!!!
It went by way too fast.