Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Misc. catching up pictures:

The kids down in the pit climbing some big ole rocks!

Hello Luci.

The first mow of the season.

Getting it all figured out?

A loaded down 4-wheeler headed to see the baby goats.

The kids can't get enough of these little guys.

A jeep ride from Garrett - fun, fun, fun!!!

Kyle & Kate played a lovely duet piece on the piano.

Back again to see the goats with Brody after school.

I love these little guys!!!!!

Happy Birthday Dad & Jill

Headed North!

At the end on the kids vacation week we decided to
head up to Pittsburgh for some fun.
We got to camp in the evening and enjoyed our
dinner watching the sun set.


Sunrise Friday Morning!

The kids enjoying the morning.

Gramma with her morning coffee.

Rock jumping.

Grass sledding.

Cards with Gramma.

Grass surfing!

Headed out on a hike.

Wiped out after that big hike.

Friday night sunset.

We had a really great time!!!!!

Babysitting Cuyler Ramage

The kids had so much fun with Cuyler!

His favorite silly grin!

School vacation week was pretty rainy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday April 26th

Gramma & Luci

Breanna & Braden spent most of the day riding around
on there 4-wheelers. They stopped in to get a tune up
done by Grampa & Daddy.

We pulled out the old bugs to clean them out and wash

them up in hopes that we might sell them this summer.

Luci enjoying some walks in the stroller.