Friday, November 21, 2008

Pilgrims & Indians

Braden's school had a Pilgrim & Indian feast
on Friday Nov. 21st.
On thur I went in to help make stone soup
with the class for the feast on Friday.
Bradens class were the pilgrims, and
Brody & Paxton's class were the Indians.
They had the stone soup that they had made,
they also had rolls with the butter that the kids
made, and apple or pumpkin pie for dessert.
The 2 classes put on a little show for the parents-
really cute!!!

Sitting down to a feast.

Lots and lots of pie!

Brody, Braden, and Paxton

Mr. Braden the Pilgrim.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yeah Dad's Home!

Sunday afternoon we drove to Boston to pick
up Kev. The kids were so excited, Breanna
greeted him with her usual sweet welcome home
letter, she always signs it from Braden and
Mom also - pretty cute!
On our way home we stopped and had supper
at the Rain forest Cafe, the kids were super psyched
about that. We sat next to the Elephants.

(Photo by: Braden )

Breanna and Braden had fun walking around and taking
pictures of each other by the animals.

(Photo by: Breanna)

What a fun night!
Oh ya, we topped it of with a slice of
cheese cake from the cheesecake factory to go.

Wilton Project

Wilton is really coming together, it seems like
lots is happening right now - flooring, lighting,
sight work. Here are a couple pictures.

Tuesday Nov 4th

Kevin flew out early Mon. morning after our
fall weekend get together.
He had a job in Arizona so he was gone for the week.
We had some great warm fall days at the beginning
of the week so we tried to enjoy them.
We met the Flynn's at Keyes field for some fun.
The Flynn's are the family that bought our Souhegan St
house and one of the daughters is in Breanna's grade so
we have been able to keep in touch - pretty neat.

Breanna and Keelyn
That night we asked Katie if she would go
with us to Manchester to pick up Kevin's truck
at the airport. We went to the mall & out for supper.

A mall favorite for the kids - the spinner!
Ya, I'm glad I can watch from the side they
get that thing spinning so fast!

Woo Hoo that was sooo fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Annual Fall Weekend Get Together

We had great weather for our fall weekend.
All of the families that stay with us during Milford
Convention come out for the weekend, and all of the
couples with young kids in the area.

The guys enjoyed some football in the front yard.

Most of the ladies.

Time for some hide-n-seek!!!
Everybody was so glad that we were able to get the
buggies out for this fun game. Last year we got rained out.
A load of girls, and

A load of boys!

Brad's group was the first to hide - a great
spot, but they had to get pulled out of the mud.

Nate & Shilo.

Mr. Sawyer!

The ladies escaped to the basement for a little
baby shower for Shelly Howe.
Sunday was union mtg. & pot luck at our place,
and another fun afternoon for the kids.
I took only one picture on Sunday, and I had
to post it because it is a great picture of Adam & Lisa.

Wish I had of taken more pictures of the weekend.

Halloween Get Together

What a fun Halloween get together!
Lots of great costumes, a scary haunted house,
a fun hayride and a great ending with Eric's
amazing fireworks!!!!
Thanks for all the help you guys.
(Sorry I'm not posting more pictures I have lots!)

The winners circle!
Mr. potato head - Riley, jack in the box - Remington
Cheer leader - Brent, scary guy - Bronson,
Nerd - Alan, Sarah Palin - Janice, Homeless - Jed.

Alexa & Sam - great job on the haunted house!

Charlotte - what a cute witch!

Brian great pose!

The Rock Stars!
Eric, Lori, Sara, & Mark

Breanna & Ellie

Braden the army dude hiding out on the hayride!
Dave, Sandy & Sawyer - Very Cute!

2 hayrides loaded down with great costumes-
headed off to see the fireworks!!!!

Autumn Adventure Day

Friday I was at Breanna's school helping out with
Autumn Adventure Day!
The kids went on a hike thru the woods and gathered
items in a bag along the way to create a trail mix.
10 stations along the trail with parents at each one
handing out goodies for the kids.
Lots of fun!
Breanna's Class.
Amber & Breanna enjoying the goodies.