Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hangin Out!

Monday no school (holiday)
Braden, Lilly, Cali, and Brody playing outside in
the frigged weather.

Hannah & Kristy came over for the afternoon to do a bit
of sledding. It was soooo cold out!
They came in to warm up with some hot chocolate.

Friday Jan. 18th

Back to Crothed Mtn. for Breanna's snow board lesson.
We signed up thru school to take 5 Fridays of lessons.

Breanna in her first lesson with her instructor Dan. (above).
Breanna & I did some runs together after her lesson.
She wants to teach me how to snow board.

Braden with Breanna's school friend Keelyn (also here for her 1st
ski lesson) Braden is not quite old enough to be signed up with
the school for lessons - Bummer!

In the lodge for some re-fueling.

Back out for some more fun.

On the beginner hill you ride up the "magic carpet"

Breanna's lesson was from 4-5 pm and then we stayed and

took the kids skiing / snow boarding until 9:00 pm. Breanna's

school friend Keelyn also stayed to ski with us for the evening.

Thursday Jan. 17th

Breanna's teacher asked me if I would like to help
her take the class out snowshoeing.
What a great time!
I just love it when Breanna or Braden's teachers
ask me to come in and help out in the class - it is
so much fun listening to the kids, and watching their
excitement in different things.

Here we go!

The whole class - 21 kids.

Breanna with her friend Amber.

Back to the classroom for a snack. Lets go again!

Snow day

Monday Jan. 14th was a snow day. It started snowing late
Sunday night and snowed most of the day Monday.
We decided to take the kids to Crotched Mtn.
Breanna was supposed to have her 1st snow board lesson the
previous Friday but was canceled because of rain.
I actually didn't take any pictures of our day at Crothced - just
having too much fun I guess. The fresh snow made for really
great conditions. We all went up the beginner run when we got
there - Kevin & Bre on snow boards (1st time on
her real snowboard) and Braden & I on skis. It was a bit tough to
get much speed in the fresh snow so Breanna decided she didn't
like that and wanted to go up the chair lift to the top. The fresh snow
worked out pretty good for Braden tho because he doesn't know
how to ski yet and just wants to keep his skis right together
and go straight down - That technique was fine with this fresh
snow up the lift and down the hill he went all day long, but realized
on Friday when we went back for Breanna's lesson that
it didn't work so well on icy conditions - quite a bit faster!

Bella's Birthday Bash!

Bella's birthday was at the Children's Museum in Portsmouth.
What a really fun place, the kids all had a great time.
The pictures are all out of order but anyway.....

Cali coming down out of the submarine on the slide.

See ya!

Breanna making a stained glass window.

Pizza party!

Guess who?


Cake time - Happy Birthday Bella!!!!

David up on the submarine.

Breanna getting her face painted.

Kevin & Bella playing on the computer - pretty cool!

Bre, Ellie, and Ava with horses painted on their cheeks.

Kate the postal lady has had a long day - no more customers please!

Hello, can I help you?

I forget who all this was, I'm pretty sure Kevin (closest) and then
Janice, not sure on the last two.

Cuyler had lots of fun crawling around & looking at all the fun stuff.

Jen & her boys spent a lot of time playing at the restaurant.

Braden & David climbed up in the space ship for an adventure.

Braden getting his face painted.
Thanks for a really fun evening!!!! What a great place to play.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Colby!

Well this was a little different than the norm -
instead of being all bundled in winter clothes the kids
were in bathing suits swimming!
Great fun to have a swim birthday in January.
Lots of fun!

Breanna & Shelby

New Years Day

It snowed all day new years day so that made for
another great day to hang out in the snow!

Katie & I tryed out snow shoeing (it was really fun, &
so beautiful to make trails thru the woods with all
the snow hanging on the trees.)

Braden did some skiing,......

Breanna did some skiing, & snowboarding and .......

Daddy went snowboarding!
Didn't get a picture of Nate, but he was also skiing.

New Years Eve!

Very last minute (late that morning) we decided to have a
little new years get together / sledding party.

Here are just a few shots of the sledding.
That's Shelley!
Andrea & Lilly!

And here comes some southern folks-
that's Will Gary and here comes....

Becky Gary, and here comes.....

Tony Gary!
Lots & lots of sledding fun. The big boys were having
so much fun (coming up with some creative sleds) that they
didn't come in till close to midnight!!

Brent pulling track duty.

Darryl taking a little breather!

And lots of wet clothes!

Will & Braden came in after lots of sledding, got into dry
clothes, but decided to run back outside to check out the bonfire.
(I think they forgot about their coats, or maybe they just
couldn't find them in all of that stuff!)

The girls playing away, and....

the boys!
Mark & Lauren Gary.
Some just relaxing, and...

Some of us needed to play games to help us
stay awake until midnight, and....

Some didn't quite make it.

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!!