Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day Of School

Third Grade.....Oh My!!!!
Breanna's first day of school was today (wed. 27th)
Braden's school (Kindergarten) starts after Labor Day.

Waiting at our bus stop.

Braden was upset that his school wasn't starting today to.

Braden took this picture....Bye Mom.

Watching for the bus.

Here it is - Bye Bre!

Braden and I got in the car and met Breanna at school

so we could meet her teacher.

Breanna and her new teacher.

Breanna with her friend Amber - they have been

in the same class since first grade.

We picked up Bre at Ellie and Ava's bus stop after school.

Ellie is also in 3rd grade, and Ava started 1st grade.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A few misc. pictures

Well I am way behind on blogging!!!!
It doesn't help that I took 780 pictures during
the 2 and a half weeks that Melina & Jenna
were here. I still have a bunch more entries
to do before I actually get current, but anyway
I'll keep plugging away a bit at a time.
A cook out at Leighton & Judy's after work day.
Who's eating down by the river?

Braden, Brooke, Megan, Melina, Bre, and Jenna.

A great shot of Melina and Uncle Kevin

The crazy hunters are out.

Shooting with style!

A pyramid!

The supper sluggers are out!

After Monday night ball Kevin pitched a bunch
of balls to the kids so they could have a game.
They hit and ran the bases till we couldn't see anymore.

Jenna had a cute little leg kick after each hit.

Watch out these 2 girls were quite the serious sluggers!

Bradens taking after Kevin, he prefers to hit lefty.

A rainy evening

This is a bit out of order it was actually the evening
after our pool day.
Janice and the kids came for supper.
The kids were determined to eat out on the back
deck rain or shine. We had all the patio umbrellas up
as well as a couple of golf umbrellas.

The boys had fun riding in the rain.

After supper we decided to take a walk with

the kids we walked to the farm to see the goats.

We got up to the goat pen only to find them a bit

smarter than us out of the rain and in there little house.

When they saw the herd of kids come into the pen

they decided it would be much safer to stay hidden in the barn.

The whole gang:







Kate, and Kevin.

A cute video of the kids marching along:

A Picnic at the Park.

A couple of cute pictures of the kids on our way out.

The girls had a blast on the tire swing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Pool Day!

The Boys,

The Girls,

Miss Kate, &

The Moms.

Horse Camp

Heather started a horse camp this summer at

her farm. A week long session for kids 8 and older.

Melina and Breanna really enjoyed there week at camp.

All tacked up & ready to ride!

The girls were so excited for the first day - they could

hardly wait to get on the horses.

They all really liked the new puppy!

Braden & Jenna watching the girls ride in the ring.

(They also enjoyed some time on the horses. )

Jenna & Braden riding double.

Cleaning out the stalls.

The girls had so much fun learning and doing

so many things with the horses.

The week before they went to camp the girls had

made a special folder for horse camp, and had all of

there matching outfits laid out for the week of

horse camp. It was so fun to see how excited they

were about it.

Headed out on a trail ride, & to pick blueberries.

Craft time at camp.

A few cowgirls!