Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!!!

A few of us met at Andrea's house to take the kids around
her neighborhood for some trick or treating.
Kids: Brody, Shelby, Molly, Cali, Lilly, Shilo, Ellie, Ava,
Paxton, Colby, Kyle, Breanna, & Braden.

Off we go to get some goodies!

Trick or Treat!

Wow! Look at all this candy.

Paxton, Brody & Braden

Baby Shilo was even dressed up - what a doll!


Molly was a giraffe - so cute!

These bags are getting pretty full!

We finished up and headed over to Dale & Laura Whites
to check out a haunted house that Austin,
Bronson, Brooke & Garrett set up.
Wow - it was really good!!!!
(Above: Jananne & Garrett standing at the entrance!)
Brian Anderson

Brooke with the loot!



It took a little convincing to get the kids to go thru, but
we did get Ellie, Ava, & Breanna to go,
Braden wanted nothing to do with it.
Then we had a hard time getting Breanna to
come out she decided she really liked it & wanted to be
in there with them to see other people go thru &
get really scared!
Nate & Jill and the kids came by and Colby went in,
and came out like it was no big deal - he loved it!

And this is Luci - she was a witch!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A few more pictures...

Well I realized last night when I was laying in bed
that I didn't think I had a Halloween picture of the Zals.
So when I went back into my picture file to find one
which unfortunately I do not have, I found a few more
shots that I thought I needed to post.
The kids standing with this scary dude - Yikes!
(Ellie, Breanna, Jed, Ava, & Jackson)

Janice, this is a classic!

Braden the dishwasher!

James - a good look for you!
James, Laura, & Brynna arrived Fri. around 3:30 so
Kevin grabbed dads bike and him & James went out cruisin.

Well no Halloween picture of the Zals, but this is even better.

Sandy & Sawyer on the hayride.

OK, here he is the big Zal hangin with his brotha.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Weekend Get Together

We enjoyed our 2nd annual fall get together this past weekend.
The families that come and stay with us at Milford Conv., &
some of the families around here spent the weekend together.
26 Adults & 22 Kids (youngest 1 month, oldest 7 years old)
It started Fri. night for lasagna supper.

Sat. morning we all got together for 9:30 breakfast
and spent the day together. We were hoping to do some
of the fun outdoor activities that we did last year, but the
weather did not cooperate.

Lunch Time!

Johanna, Laura, & Rebbecca

Colby holding baby Shilo.

Braden holding Sawyer Zal

Hanging out, & playing games.

Game time for the ladies!

Watching from a dry spot.

The guys playing a bit of football - it was pretty slippery!

Sorry this picture is pretty blurry, but the kids were having
a good time sitting in the back of the toy dump trucks &
riding them down the hill - it was quite the ride!
All the kids needed dry cloths after this event.
Then it was time to get our Halloween costumes on and
head to the barn. (See following post).
*Sunday we all joined back up for lunch at Brad & Shelleys.
I'm very mad that I didn't have my camera, but have been
promised that I will receive pictures from some of the others.
I'm sure that you will see pictures on the other blog sites. It
was a much better day on Sunday so the guys & the kids
played outside while the ladies were in having a
little baby shower for Sandy Zal.

Halloween Potluck.

Saturday night we all went to the barn for a Halloween potluck,
trick or treating thru the barn, a haunted house, and a hayride to go
watch Eric & Lori put on a great fire works display.
Lots of fun, & lots of really great costumes!!!

Kevin, Jody, Breanna, & Braden

James, Laura & Brynna Oliver (CT)

Brad, Shelley, Ellie, & Ava

Brian, Lindi, Ethan, & Aiden

Dave, Shelly, & Jackson Howe (NY)

Mike, Janice, Bella, David, & Kate Klinetobe

Darryl, Linn, & Kaylise Watson

Claude & Rebecca Jacobs (NY)

Braden, Ethan, & Brody

Nate (Napoleon Dynamite)

Jill, Colby, & Kyle

Brent, Johanna, & Paxton

Jobe & Mamie

Katie & Nate

Kelly K.

Joey & Jeremy

Jody & Breanna

Duane & Natalie

Uncle Kent & Aunt Sharon

Kyler, Brooke, Megan, Shelby & Hannah

Adam & Lisa

Lilly & Cali (looks like they spotted a scary costume)

Andrea & Shilo

Mom & Grammy

Hayride time!

Heading back to the barn.