Monday, August 31, 2009

1st day of School

Wow! Summers over & school is here.
Breanna a 4th grader,
Braden a 1st grader!

Running up to the bus stop!

Braden told Kevin & myself that he picked this
flower for Sue the bus driver because it was
his first time riding the bus so he wanted to
bring her something.


Watching for the bus.

Bye guys, Have a great day at school!!!
(sob, sob!)

Happy 40th Heather!!!

Girls Weekend!
Mom, Heather, Jananne, Jill, Katie, Brooke,
Megan, Kristy, Hannah & Myself went to
Portsmouth for Heather's 40th.

Supper at Flat Bread Pizza Co.
Shopped around for a bit to make room
for dessert at Popovers.

Relaxin at the Hotel!!!

Sat. we hoped to have a beach day, but we got
rained out so we went to Kittery and did
some shopping.
A fun time!!