Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Click to play HOLIDAY+2007

Still waiting for my holiday cards to come in so thought I would

send a little something to wish you all a Happy Holiday!

Another snow day!

No school again!
The kids were very excited about spending the day
playing in the snow, but I think when the warm weather comes
they may not be to happy about making up the snow days.

A few pictures of a winter wonderland.
No worries about not having a white Christmas this year!

The kids informed me that they were hot from
digging snow tunnels and needed to take their coats off.
The only time they came in today was for a quick lunch, and then
they were back out, actually they are still outside and probably
won't come in until I call them in for supper.
They are loving all this snow!

I just snapped this picture out of the office window

looking down at Timber's barn - still snowing!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Holiday sing-along!

Braden, Brody, Paxton, Lilly, Calista & Ava had their
sing along at school on tues. night.
I've been hearing Braden singing his songs everyday for
the past while and have been looking forward to watching
all the kids perform! Pretty cute!

Braden (back row) right into his singing!

All done!
Great work everybody.

Braden with his teacher as he was getting off the stage.

Three of the performers.
(Paxton, Brody, & Braden)

The boys with Great Grampy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

another snow storm

The kids got up sunday morning and looked out the window
to see if we got another snow storm. Wow were they excited!
They got all bundled to go out with Daddy to help him plow.
We enjoyed the day being snowed-in.

Following is a video clip of the kids being silly with Dad.

Breanna had lots of fun dressing up & being a ballerina.
She even got Braden to do one dance with her - pretty cute!

The sledding chute has been made!

Kevin made the sledding chute saturday am.
The kids were so excited - the real sledding has begun!
Braden pretty tired but not a chance that he would
come in for a break.

and he's off!

It's a fun ride down, but not a fun walk up!

We were pretty glad that Uncle Corey & the kids & Grampa came

over on their snowmobiles for a lift up the hill.

A really great day of sledding, snowboarding, & snowmobiling.

Mom's 60th

We set up the barn & made a dinner for my mom's 60th birthday.
we had her sisters and spouses, & dads siblings & spouses.

Grampa & Grammy with all the grand kids singing happy
birthday Grammy!

bye Grandma

Luci & Breanna giving grandma hugs goodbye.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Yahoo a snow day!!!!

Lucille & Annaliese came over after gospel mtg. sunday
and are here for a couple days.
It started snowing sunday night and all day monday
making for a a perfect no school day!
All bundled and ready for some sledding & snow ball fights.
A sled ride with Gramma.
The snow ball fights have begun!
(check out the 2 snow balls in flight)

Double teaming Annaliese.

Train wreck!

A sled ride for Luci.

Luci's tag makes the best snow balls.

Hanging out with Gramma.

Brooke & Garrett came over on their snowmobiles.
Annaliese was excited to have her 1st ride on one.

The boys!
Braden, Garrett, & his friend Casey.
I wish I got some pictures of the jump that the boys
made for the sled - they were catching some serious air!
Braden loves to go around the table at supper time to
have everybody share their favorite part of the day - sure
enough his favorite part was making the jump for the sleds.

Wiped out!!!!
What a great day in the snow.