Sunday, September 28, 2008

Out on the bike

Kevin & I went out for a quick ride on Thursday
morning before he flew back to GA to finish up
that job with Darryl.
I think this might be only the second time I've
been on the bike all summer - that's terrible!
We had a really fun ride.

Tenting out

We set up the tent out on the deck off of our
bedroom. The kids have really wanted to sleep in
the tent so we all had a sleep out on wed. night.

Snuggle up to keep warm!

It was chilly outside, but nice and cozy inside.

Kevin standing up in the tent with plenty of head room.

Luci also enjoyed sleeping in the tent with us.

FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!

Tea anyone?

We had Naomi with us this past week. I decided to
have a few of the ladies over for a last minute tea party.
8 of us: Sharon, Naomi, Myrna, Ann, Judy, Ella,
Alice and myself. A good time.

Ella & Alice.

While Naomi was with us she liked to come with me

to drop off & pick up the kids from the bus / school.

Each day we would pick Braden up at 11:30 and then we would come

home and have lunch on the deck (beautiful weather last week!)

This day after lunch Naomi decided to have her nap in the lounge

chair on the deck. Braden was playing in his little fort and also

fell fast asleep on the deck - pretty cute!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Braden's Birthday!!!

The Birthday Boy!
(It's all about dirt Bikes.)

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Shelby really enjoyed her cake - mmm.. yum!

Time for presents.

Uncle Nate & Auntie Katie found him this cool shirt -

Now I'm trying to get him to take it off long enough to wash it.

Monday we did his birthday party at school -

that was a lot of fun. I got to stay & help out for

the day because the teacher's aid was out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Kevin has been in Atlanta for the past 2 weeks
helping Darryl on a job - we missed him like crazy!

Here we are at the airport Mon. night -
a bit late for a school night but they were so excited.
We were able to watch Kev's plane fly in and land so
the kids thought that was pretty neat. Then they
ran downstairs to.......

watch for Daddy to come around the corner.

This picture is fuzzy but anyway they almost ran right

thru security to get to him.

Yahoo Daddy's home!!!!!!

Fun Times!

The kids & I met Janice & the kids at Chuck E Cheese.

They had so much fun!!!!

(All the kids bowling - Bre, Bella, David, Braden & Kate.)

A horse ride for David.

Braden had so much fun on the flying games -

he was burning thru tokens pretty fast!

The roller coaster was a hit - Bella & Bre.

Hold On! Bella, Kate, David, & Bre going for a ride.

This video is a bit long but anyway they were having a blast!!

A Bike Ride

After the girls got off the bus Shelley & I took
the kids to the Nashua Rail Trial for a bike ride - Good time!

Braden & Ava waiting again for Ellie & Breanna, they had

to keep stopping to fix Ellie's peddle that kept coming loose.

(I didn't get a picture off Ellie & Bre fixing the bike)

And we're off again.

A fun afternoon at the bike trail!

Monday, September 8, 2008

School Days!

Braden has been anxiously waiting for this day.
He has asked everyday for the past 2 weeks when his school starts.
Well here we are Sept. 8th - 1st day of Kindergarten!!!!!

Breanna wanted to miss the bus today so she could
bring Braden to his first day. He has the same kindergarten
teacher as she had - Breanna really likes her.

A bit sad for Mom.

Kindergarten here we come!!!!

Braden, Brody & Paxton.

Braden with his new teacher.

Afternoon at the Park

Enjoying some really nice end of summer weather.
Braden, Cali, Breanna, & Lilly

So much fun!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend - Rhode Island

We joined in on the annual Labor Day beach weekend
that Shelly Howe puts together. This year she found a
place near the ocean in Rhode Island.
We had lots of fun!
Almost the whole crew. Brian, Lindi, and the boys joined
us again on Sunday afternoon.

The ladies enjoying an evening chat.

These 3 look like they are up to no good!

The Girls hanging out.

Shelly and the boys.

Sawyer - Mr. smiley!

Jackson and Ava

Ellie and Breanna

Sawyer decided to see how the sand tasted - Yucky!

Brynna Rose

Braden digging to China.

Back to the nice warm pool - fun, fun, fun!!!
(A favorite spot!)

Dave and Sawyer - nice shades buddy!

Time for some shuffle board.

James and Brynna in on the game.

Kevin and Brynna taking a break.

Shirtless silly boys!