Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Kevin's Parents, and Brother's Family will be
with us for the holidays - We are very excited!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just a quick Hello...

Wow, what a week!!!!
Last Thursday night because of the ice storm
we lost our power, well I am writing a week later
Thursday morning 11am we just got our power back!
This is going to sound a bit crazy, but I can not wait to
do laundry, vacuum the house, cook with an oven, etc, etc....
Well I have a million things to do so I will hopefully
do a better post when things get caught up - might be a while!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

We had a great thanksgiving feast at the barn.

A close up of the beautiful centerpieces.

Everything is just about ready - yummy!

The big kids table.

The little kids table.

Silly boys.

Ava, Kristy, and Hannah.
(A table full of adults in the background)

Breanna & Ellie

My favorite spot - the very full dessert table!
Off to the Dome for some games.
Breanna and Auntie Heather in a game of kick ball.
The next morning we headed north.
On our way up we stopped in to see Grampy at
the hospital, he had just had heart surgery.

An hour from home we ran into this -
the kids were very excited!!

We arrived at camp and in about 5 minutes
Braden had found all of his winter gear and got
dressed to head out for some sledding.

And he's off!

A ride up the hill from Daddy - that's the best!
It was quite a long ride down and a little jump at
the bottom that Breanna & Braden loved to get air off.

Kyle is in love with helmets!

Jobe & Molly and Calista riding with Kevin.

Andrea & Shilo.

Shilo with Daddy!

Relaxin! Nate & Katie.

Calista, Lilly, & Breanna playing up in the loft.

Crazy man!
Nate was hot after playing games down at Carl &
Sally's camp so he road home like this to cool off - BRRR!

Breanna with the Pratt's dog.

Colby, Breanna, & Braden ready for more sledding.

After going on a trail ride we stopped by Carl &
Sally's bonfire to warm up a bit.

Relaxing after a full day of sledding.
Braden has a bit of hat head going on.

Our last night at camp, my turn to make supper.
Jobe & Mamie and the kids joined us.
Lots of fun!

This is what we came home to on Sunday night.
The snow didn't last very long, but we do still have
the 2 piles of snow that Breanna & Braden made.