Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun Days.

Lucille and Yasmin came for a visit Sunday, &
left on Tuesday. The kids never think its long enough.
They always have lots of fun with them.
Going on walks, playing games, painting.
Yasmin, Breanna, & Braden went on a long walk
Monday afternoon. Braden had already run up
the hill & onto the trampoline before I got the camera
out. Yasmin joined them on the trampoline after
I went back inside with the camera - the kids
thought that was pretty fun!

The girls had lots of fun painting - quite talented.

They collected leaves on the walk. They traced them,

& then painted them with all the different

fall colors - very pretty.

Kevin & Braden made a great fire, so we decided

it would be fun to have supper by the fire.

A fun way to spend our last evening with the girls.

Visiting by the fire, and of course making smores.

A Fun Weekend Sleepover.

On Friday we went to the Klinetobe's for
David's 4th Birthday!
We enjoyed a lovely meal - but we almost ran
out of lasagna ha ha!!!!
Thank you Mike & Janice always a fun time!

David and Bella came home with us for a
sleepover. Braden crashed immediately.

The rest of the crew was still ready to party!

Saturday morning we woke up to a very cold

frosty morning. The kids bundled and headed

right out to jump on the trampoline & ride bikes.

The sun warmed up the day and the kids

spent most of the day outside.

Not sure why it was fun to play on the stairs,

but anyway the girls were stringing beads, &

the boys were playing monster trucks.

Check out the skater dudes!!!

(Braden has his sisters mud boots on)

The girls!

Here we go all the way up the hill!
(just kidding Mike & Janice.)

Whee - lots of fun!!!

Here goes Bella!

A 4-wheeler ride with Kevin.

The girls always put on a great show!!!

Saturday night fire & roasting marshmallows.

Sunday Morning Cuties!

A Girls only tea party.

Andrea has arranged a once a month tea
party for the girls.
The theme this month was Pretty in Pink!
They all had so much fun!!!
The girls laying out on the kitchen floor
creating artwork.
When Breanna got her invitation in the mail,
Braden said to me: Mom we need to set up a
boys only party.
Luckily Kevin was working at the house that
afternoon so Braden & Brody stayed home & played.

Off to work with Kev.

I joined Kevin last week on a job at the Gillette
Stadium. It was really fun to see the stadium
and the new shops & restaurants that they
have added around the stadium.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall photos

The kids wanted to go see Timber (the horse) at
Gramma & Grampas so we decided to drive the little
buggy around in the field with the animals and took some
pictures along the way - in some trees by some rock walls.

Dad saw us out in the field on his way home from
work so he came out and joined us on the buggy.
The kids love to drive that thing around - they like
to find every bump & pot hole they can!

October Ladies Night Out.

We were at Andrea's for ladies night out this month.
She made an absolutely delicious fall meal!!!
Thank you Andrea.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple Picking

The kids had no school Monday - we spent most of the
day at home just hanging out. Late in the afternoon we
decided it would be fun to go pick some apples. Off we
went to Windy Hill Orchard.
(Shelley and the girls joined us.)
On the hay ride to take us out to the orchards.

Lots & Lots of yummy apples!

Filling up our bags.

Bags are full - walking back to catch the hayride.

My camera battery died at this point but we had

fun going thru the corn maze and getting caramel apples.

Mountain Lane Farm Open House

Saturday we spent the day at Heathers for her
Open House. Perfect Weather & Beautiful Foliage!!

Hayrides were a hit!!!

Looking across the street to where the cowboy
race took place - lots of fun to watch!

Landon & Breanna watching the race.

The fences were lined with spectators.

Late in the afternoon a bunch went on a trail ride.
Kristy & Braden




Braden on his own pony - he thought that was cool!

These pictures didn't come out so well as I was trying

to lead Braden's pony and snap pictures at the same time.

It was absolutely gorgeous up on the hill behind the farm.
(Heather, Lilly and Amy in the field)

After the trail ride they all went across the street to

give the obstacle course for the cowboy race a try.

(Breanna trying to rope the cows head.)

What a really fun day!!!