Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Quick Trip.

Tuesday Morning we flew to Niagara Falls with
Mike & Janice. We spent the night tues. and flew
home Wed. evening. We had a great time!
Here we go!
When we arrived we drove to Niagara on the lake a beautiful

area, lots of vineyards. (Must be gorgeous in the summer.)

We had lunch at Hillebrand and then enjoyed a neat tour.

The falls were an amazingly COLD sight!

Mike & Janice were from this area so it was fun to be with

them. Great tour guides. Tues. night we went to their favorite

restaurant - Zest, the main purpose of our trip. Wow was

it amazing! Thanks guys- next week same place, same time?

I snapped a picture of this bag lady we saw.


but we were all ready to head home & see the kiddos.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend with the Zals

Friday night after Bre's snowboard lesson we headed to
New York to spend the weekend with Dave, Sandy &
Sawyer Zal. A really fun weekend - Thanks Guys!!!
Saturday we went to Kandy Kraft to get a little tour and
watch some stuff being made - YUMMY!!!!
(Kevin & Sandy ready to do some sampling.)

Lots & lots of chocolate!

Breanna & Braden Liked helping Bob with the pretzels.

Going back thru to get double dipped!

Here they are the kids took them of the belt & boxed them up.

Sawyer slept thru the whole thing.

Saturday afternoon we went bowling - that was really fun!

Sawyer really liked it to.

Action shots of the kids - they had a blast!

After bowling we went to Red Robbin for supper.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Honey you have a little something on your tooth.

Breanna snuggling with Sawyer.

Fun with puzzles!

Happy Valentines Day!

On Valentines Day I went to Breanna's school to help out
with her class Valentine Party - Ice cream sundays. Lots of fun!
The next day (fri.) I was going into Braden's school to help
out with his ice cream Valentine party, but I decided that
it would be a little bit funner to sit in the dentist chair - YUCK!
Breanna's class made these really cute mail boxes.

Happy Valentines Day !

The kids wrapped up these books for us - pretty cute!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shaelyn Jolee

Brent & Johanna's little girl arrived Sat. 2/9/08.
Shaelyn Jolee 8 lb. 12oz.

A silly big brother - Paxton.

Breanna can't wait to hold Shaelyn again!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Winter Warm-up!

We enjoyed a winter get-away with 3 other families on
a seven day carribean cruise: Jan. 27 - Feb.3
Darryl, Melissa, Melina & Jenna deGroot,
Tim, Shelly, Karsh & Max Borys, and
John, Jelaine, Anya, & Josh van der Meulen.

All ready to get on that big ole boat!

A pretty fun spot to play!

Splashing Around!!!!

We captured them all, just long enough to snap a picture.

Next to the kids pool area was self-serve icecream machine-

how great was that!

A round of mini golf.

John, Jelaine, Anya, and Josh - beach photo shoot.

Tim, Shelly, Karsh & Max - 1st night.

Darryl & Melissa - one of the formal nights.

Beachin it in St. Marten.

Huddle - Uncle Kevin talking over the next move.

The ice arena - we watched a great ice show here 1 night.

The 4 girls.

One of Bradens faces during the week.

Surfer girls!

The flowrider.

Lots of rock climbing during the week. This is Melina & Breanna.

A hot tub full of kids!

A day at the beach in St. Marten.

A picture of all of us just as we were getting off the boat.

Great trip everybody - lots of fun!!!